The ONI faction is a harmonious consortium of diverse species. The people of the Om sector, Segal, Akenat, and Neuno systems collectively set aside their differences in the hopes of a more bountiful life in space.

After the near-total wartime extinction of the Sogmian race, the Mierese, Punaab, and Photoli united firmly together under a strategic military pact to save their desperate ally. Through this pact, a breakthrough weapon of war was constructed. Before retaliation took hold to destroy the region's life force, a truce was soon declared for the betterment of all factions, and peace settled throughout.

The ONI Region has access to densely clustered raw materials within their controlled space. These materials are highly coveted in the crafting of advanced stealth and radar technologies, leading to the discovery of even greater breakthroughs for all sentient life.

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