Outpost 39

Deep in the outer rim of the explored galaxy lies an ancient outpost that has many secrets. This place, this planet has no name, no insignia, no creeds, no allegiances to anyone. Outpost 39 is known to the galaxy as a place for all, and a place to test, and try new things. What most do not know about the Armstrong material based Base is that it is built on top of ancient ruins, a long since gone civilization that once ruled the galaxy. A civilization thought to be at least 19 million years extinct.

The ruins were hidden from all, some say they held secrets that should not be uncovered, some say the elder civilization still has species thriving today, others think the whole thing is folklore.

While those who believe the site is that of legend, one cannot dismiss the mni flowers that spawn here. Archeologists in the galaxy note that these ancient sites typically have some form of inexplicable energy, a tale-tell sign of a civilization lost to time.

But the one thing that is true is the Outpost does not want this to be tested, and has decreed death to any who excavates the lands. A pretty price to pay for the truth, but that’s how it works sometimes, sometimes the truth is priced at your life. Welcome to Outpost 39.

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