Final Notes & Closing Thoughts

Hopefully, this brief introduction to the main topics of the Mierese civilization served to awaken your curiosity regarding this interesting and exotic population.

Our galaxy is filled with fascinating creatures, and exploring their creeds, traits, and histories is a fulfilling experience for us in the sentientologist field of research.

I would like to dedicate these last notes to some curious facts relating to the biology of the Mierese. Their bodies are slim, and they have a much richer specter of voluntary muscle control than the human body due to the presence of more motor neurons.

Nevertheless, they tend to be weaker than humans since their overall system can’t support much weight and evolved to keep them consistently moving. However, their skin has high puncture resistance, and armor is rarely needed. So, they are often quite exposed by MUD standards, especially due to the high temperature of their home planet, which often generates funny, and sometimes awkward, situations.

The Tail on their head is also a particular muscle that serves many functions, from balancing their bodies and fine physical control to serving as a repository of memories. It’s divided into many parts with different functions.

The Mierese value sports focused on broader motion control, personal skill, hand-to-hand and weapon combat, and their favorite game of all: narrative battles, a sort of bard face-off similar to an ancient MUD rap battle!

The Mierese diet is wide-ranging. After a thousand years of adapting to the environment of Neuno, they manage to digest almost anything aside from inorganic matter. Still, their favorite food so far is the MUD invention called ice cream, which they use to soothe the infernal heat that is always a part of the Neuno weather.

Speaking of heat, they are naturally more tolerant than humans to it, being able to withstand temperatures of nearly 45 degrees celsius without any loss of biological performance. The Mierese are also naturally resistant to poisonous substances, being exposed to a variety of them during their time on Neuno.

Finally, just like their god, the Mierese love bets, although they are always aware of every detail about them.

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