The Mierese as a race are consistently described as free spirits, adept in the arts of stealth and survival, and often prone to improvisation, which quite often ends up in misunderstandings and trouble with members of other species.

Being perceived as unstable or even chaotic by more orderly and analytic-focused species like the Ustur, the Mierese thrive even if they lack some of the formal structures other civilizations have, like, for example, a written language.

Another prejudice about the Mierese is that they are often viewed as cowards, especially by the Sogmians, whose culture finds dying for one’s cause as the ultimate honorable behavior. For the Mierese, based on their culture and background, this idea is simply purposeless and stupid.

Nevertheless, to truly appreciate the rich and complex Mieresian culture, we must first understand their past and where they came from. This is where our research will take us now, to the beginning of the Mierese “Grand Tale”, as I heard from one of the eldest Mierese lore keepers.

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