Planet - High Risk Zone

Very close to totally uncharted territory, Tenebra is located in a system popularly known as the Void, which is said to be home to unspeakable stories about the populations of all the other worlds in the Void system being abducted and taken to Tenebra to be used as slaves or worse, living sacrifices to whatever forces dwell beyond the dark veil.

This enigma caused much concern to the regional powers of the inner galactic zones, to the point where one of the most well-paid positions in the galaxy became that of a data validator hired to find information about the said planet—unfortunately, according to our sources, much less than 5% of those return to collect the reward.

Even those adventurers who manage to come back cannot share much. The dark gas that fills the planet hinders the effects of the scans, but what every one of them confirms on their mission is that something must be happening under the gaseous surface of that world…

This is inferred from the unconventional energy displays that sometimes appear as blood-red marks in the planet's atmosphere, only observable at close distances, hypothesized to be a sub-product of chemical reactions and high energy outputs coming from construction-related activities.

Nevertheless, economic costs, extreme distances, and political discussions have stopped anyone from acting on Tenebra, as whatever is happening there is still contained in the Void.

Perhaps it is only a matter of time for that to change.

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