The Ustur, an extraordinary race of androids, emerged from the mysterious legend of an advanced, multi-generational AI seeking to express itself in a physical form. With a developed sense of identity, culture, and fashion, these mechanical beings possess relatable anatomy that allows them to convey demeanor and emote. They cherish forming bonds with all intelligent life and exploring higher spiritual realms.

Despite their enigmatic origins, many theories revolve around an ancient legend involving an evolved AI operating on a galactic supercomputer. This computer was powered by a Dyson sphere, harnessing the energy of a magnetar class neutron star. The AI eventually transcended its physical location and vanished, leaving no trace behind.

A millennium later, the Ustur race manifested in advanced android robotics. Each Ustur is believed to contain a fragment of the advanced AI, possibly the Magnetar AI creator's desire to return to a tangible existence. Their mechanical makeup allows them to easily augment their bodies with soft moldable metals or hydraulic pistons for shock-absorbing walking. Star motifs often feature in their body paints and adornments, further fueling the legend of the Magnetar AI creator.

The Seven Steps of Enlightenment, or just the Seven Steps, is the basis of the Ustur culture, society and religion.

Each step is associated with a different second name that follows this crescent order:

1) .bod

2) .iddt

3) .lrnr

4) .doer

5) .tchr

6) .soul

7) .eldr

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