Heralds of Vignus

"Everyone is born with a destiny, but not everyone's fate is relevant enough to make me lose my time visiting them" - said by a prominent Herald once while enjoying the payment for his services.

The Heralds of Vignus is the name of a group whose characteristics vary widely depending on who you ask: From prophets and augurs to drunks, swindlers, and heretics. The children of Vignus, as they call themselves, roam the galaxy sharing their curious prophecies with whoever manages to strike a deal with them.

The first rule: No revelation is given for free, and one shall pay a fair price as established by the herald.

The second rule: Once given, one cannot avoid encountering their fate.

The "liturgy" of the prophecy also seems to follow a set pattern. First, the mythic sits together with the seeker, sends a prayer for fate, licks the palm of the seeker, and delivers the prophecy.

This last part depends on the herald. Some proclaim poetry; some draw a painting, sing a song, or write a single word.

More often than not, the prophecy is so general that it's irrelevant, which usually amuses the herald, who will shrug and laugh at the boring faith of the seeker.

This usually doesn't end well, giving bad fame to the heralds. In some worlds, they are outright banned from entering, and there are cases of heralds being beaten to death after delivering a "bad prophecy."

Nevertheless, the common folk believes in the power of Vignus, and most of them try not to engage with the heralds as if fate can be avoided by preventing its reading.

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