The Sogmian species, noble warrior aliens hailing from the Segal Sector, were once on the brink of extinction during the convergence war.

Sogmian The Sogmian species, noble warrior aliens hailing from the Segal Sector, were once on the brink of extinction during the convergence war. With only 10,000 members remaining, they were driven by the assassination of their leader, Pazul, to build their Last Stand mk. I. Today, the Sogmians are a critical part of the federation and their culture represents both the beauty and the danger of extremes in the galaxy.

Their culture is one of exaggerated gender roles. Males are ultra masculine and females are ultra feminine. Standing near a Sogmian male one could sense the radiant heat ambiently emitting from them and with the females a sense of seduction always looming even if you’re coming from a wholly different species. Their external features on their head make arousal impossible to hide. Romanticism plays a vital part of their livelihood and has become almost their central purpose after being nearly extinguished during the convergence war. High romanticism leads to high birth rates, after all.

The Sogmian don’t have a sense of or a belief of an after life and instead relish the temporal state of life. Their ship names are poetic and tell a story. e.g., Busan The Last Stand, Busan Thrill of Life, and Busan Maiden Heart are provocative to stir the passions of lust and bloodlust but always deeply rooted in an honorable code that keeps their ravages in line with nature.

The Sogmian history is the tale of the struggle between desire and duty. This highly emotional species represents very well the dangers of the extremes in the galaxy while striving to keep themselves under control of their will, and upholding noble principles.

The history of this millenial society tells us that the Sogmians as we know them evolved from the vicious feral animals from the Segal Sector, and even after acquiring intelligence, an intelligence that has stayed a mystery for the entirety of the species race. Some believe it was seeded by other sentience, splitting DNA and experimentation, some believe it was a natural process from savage animal to universe sympathy. Regardless of the truth, the Sogmians today are a critical part of the federation.

The Sogmians kept fighting brutal battles for hundreds of years, only to satisfy immediate desires like lust, greed, and pride. They were prey to their instincts, which prevented them from creating a proper society.

This primitive cycle only ended when Segal, and the leaders of seven noble families created the Sogmian Vows, a set of absolute rules that was designed to contain the innate excesses of the Sogmian emotions, stirring them into the path of Virtue.

The Sogmian Vows or, Du Pra in the native tongue, are absolute moral rules which must be upheld by Sogmians under any circumstances, even if this means their own death or their loved ones. In human philosophy, they are known as categoric imperatives - absolute moral laws, which don’t admit exceptions.

A few examples of possible Sogmian Vows are the following:

1) stand for justice at all times.

2) don’t go back on your promises.

3) Only use violence when necessary to cease other previous violence.

4) cooperate for the greater good.

5) Provide shelter for those who seek it.

Everything goes to another level when we are speaking about Sogmians. They are beings of extremes, and their emotions are always very few steps away from overflowing. That’s why their population has deemed it necessary to “imprison some of their most feral impulses through a set of very harsh rules.”

Aside from those rules each of the seven noble houses have their own motto, which serves as a guiding principle that all the family members must uphold, representing the essence of their pride as Sogmians.

Those constraints created a persona for their civilization, righteous beings, always fighting the abyss inside themselves in the universe outside. Through the idea of duty, the Sogmians found the strength to wrap deep inside their most visceral parts. Nevertheless, as one can surely imagine, this creates very extreme kinds of Sogmians, from the noblest paladins to the most decayed tyrants, and their story is filled with those Heroes and Villains facing each other in the noble houses fight for influence.

The sogmian’s language is based around sounds, and emotional tales. Words do not sound like words, more like cries, calls, and emotional outbursts. The language is poetic to those who study it and rabid to those who do not.

In fact, out of the seven noble houses, one was declared decayed and was exiled from the Sogmian home world, the house Akalma, whose motto was: “Embrace your emotions”. This house produced the most villains, and the Sogmians were wary of their motto, as something that could disrupt the overall morality of their civilization.

The Sogmian noble families and their mottos are:

a) Xictus - “The brave only dies once. The coward dies every day.”

b) Akalma - “Embrace your emotions.”

c) Busan - “Your creations are your path to transcendence”

d) Outro - “One who does not live to serve does not serve to live.”

e) Exinade - “To the Stars”

f) Lutavira - “Rise, win, conquer.”

g) Garveil - “Repetition is the mother of learning.”

that Aside from those rules, each of the seven noble houses has its own motto, which serves as a guiding principle that all the members of the said family must uphold, representing the essence of their pride as Sogmians.

For example, The Busan Family Motto is “Your creations are your path to transcendence.” Meaning that members of this family will be measured, by themselves and others, by the things that they created.

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