Mní Flower

Flora - High Risk Zone Resource

The Mní flower is a rare plant found on the planets of the High-Risk Zone, especially those closest to the Cataclysm, with strong psychotropic properties that enable one to relive past experiences. Aside from this primary use, scientists have been known to use the Mní flower as the basis of a memory safekeeping device, allowing people to extract and transfer memories for different uses.

The story of the Mní flower, or simply Mní, is one written over the greed and desire of many addicts and dealers, whose actions almost extirpated the plant from existence.

In the early days of the current faction's rise, Mní was abundant in the zones that comprise the planets of the now-called medium and high-risk zones, but everything changed with the advent of the Convergence War.

The dread of the most massive war ever recorded moved many to the refuge of memories. There, they would find the loved ones they lost as well as a return to better days of the distant past. It was their sanctuary from the world around them.

However, the Mní only seems to grow in the wild, not allowing for the industrial demand that rose during the long years of the convergence war. This led to extreme supply shocks as citizens strived to acquire the ATLAS they so desperately needed to purchase the flower.

After the war, the Council of Peace restricted sales of the plant, which was already pretty much extinct, save for a few planets that were too close to the Cataclysm to be explored.

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