Combat Components

Combat components consist of Hardpoints, Missile Bays, Countermeasure Systems, and Bomb Bays. Combat components are swappable, upgradeable, and modifiable.

Combat Component Descriptions

Ship Specs are divided into 4 tiers based on combat focus:

Tier 4 Combat

  • Fighter

  • Bomber

  • Bounty Hunter

Tier 3 Combat

  • Multi-Role

  • Smuggler

Tier 2 Combat

  • Racer

  • Data Runner

  • Rescue

  • Salvage

Tier 1 Combat

  • Freighter

  • Refuel

  • Transport

  • Refuel/Repair

  • Repair

  • Tow

Tier 0 Combat

  • Miner

As you go down in combat tier, the ship is afforded fewer combat sub-type components. This is counterbalanced by the additional spec-based utility each tier gains as they decrease in combat tier. Notably, Miners have no offensive components afforded to them, but are able to Mine in space at the best rates. Another important note is that within a Combat tier at a given ship class, fire power will be be comparable. In order to gauge relative fire power use the following heuristics:

  • Each class of combat component is 2x the previous in terms of damage output

  • 1 Medium Hardpoint = 2 Small = 4 X-Small and so on

  • 1 Small Missile Bay is roughly equal to 1 Small Hardpoint

  • 1 Small Counter Measure System can roughly defend against 1 Small Missile Bay

  • 1 Small Bomb Bay is roughly 4x a Small Missile Bay but is more situational in usage

  • Titan is Class 9, Commander is Class 7, XXX-Small is Class 0

  • These rules apply across all classes

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