In the distant world of Akenat, the Punaab species thrived. A civilization divided into two branches: the High Punaabs, dwelling in the towering trees and plateaus above a sea of mist, and the Depth Punaabs, residing in the deep mines beneath it. Unbeknownst to them, they shared a common origin in the Alpha (Pu)Naab, a revelation they would discover in a future side plot.

Akenat was a planet of dualities, illustrated by the Ying and Yang crest that represented the Punaabs. The planet's unique hourglass-shaped gravity field, caused by the flow of electro-magnetic liquids inside, led to the development of two distinct ecosystems. The sea of mist, the lifeblood of Akenat, connected these ecosystems in a perpetual cycle, bringing life to the planet.

Despite their differences, since the end of the convergence war, the newer generations of Akenat, mostly influenced by the Council of Peace, have dedicated themselves to building the relationship between the two branches of Punaabs. As a result, this group created the new capital, a place where the Punaabs of the two branches work together for the glory of Akenat.

In this city, the best of both groups shine, and the creativity of the High Punaabs becomes a beautiful reality through the hard work of the Deep Punaabs, resulting in one of the most beautiful and thriving cities in the entire Galia. There lies the headquarters of Ogrika, the pride of the Punaab race, and the Religious Order of the Oracles of the Mist.

The Depth Punaabs were smaller, more robust, and adapted to life in the mines. With no concept of personal property, their society valued the greater good over individual gains. Honor, sacrifice, and duty to their people guided their actions. In contrast, the High Punaabs were taller, thinner, and profit-oriented. These free spirits valued wealth and personal achievements, with their society operating under the rule of merchant prince companies.

The two branches occasionally engaged in wars, but these conflicts were short-lived. Instead, they competed in the "Day of the Union," an annual event to prove their respective superiority. For the past thousand years, each branch had won in alternating years.

A fascination with other cultures united the Punaabs, and they adored trinkets from different civilizations. They also shared a complex about their size, leading them to love jetpacks and robotic suits that made them taller and stronger.

In times of disputes, the Punaabs summoned the great squid, a native species from the sea of mist, whose movements determined the outcome. The ceremony was a major event, filled with rituals and a sense of sacredness.

Akenat's habitable region resembled an hourglass, resting on colossal clamshells. The dense, liquid magnetic material at the planet's core created fluctuating gravity fields, separating the Punaabs and leading to their distinct development. As both branches continued to grow, they would eventually uncover their shared origins and the secrets of their extraordinary world.

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