The Golden Age of Space Exploration

As soon as Armi.eldr, Bekalu, and Charon Gotti signed the Treaty of Peace for the Ustur, ONI, and MUD factions, the galaxy started slowly healing. The leadership of each group did everything in their power to integrate the factions, trying to mend the wounds caused by the war. After years of effort, general understanding and cooperation started to prevail.

A key feature in the recovery of this social and political ecosystem was the Council of Peace, a multi-faction organization with jurisdiction over all intergalactic disputes, focused on the welfare of the citizens of the galaxy by leveraging the cooperation of different civilizations.

One of the highlights of this cooperation was the formation of StarPath, a chain of warp gates that allowed goods and services to surpass hundreds of light years of distance in a matter of seconds. This marvel of infrastructure caused the different faction economies to be closely and peacefully entwined.

This period of regrowth also demanded the retreat of the different factions from their high and medium-risk zone colonies. The few resources that were left had to be focused on reconstructing the infrastructure in the factions’ own homeworld systems, leaving the old colonies to their own fate in the depths of the void.

After nearly a century of reconstruction, economic and cultural prosperity returned under the governance of the Council of Peace, the main face of the success of the factions’ peace was embodied in the many ships that hurried toward the horizons of the low-risk zone without fear, carrying wealthy people from one planet to another.

Many prominent manufacturers introduced their new models to the galaxy, some of them as companies working under two different manufacturers' tutelage, like Calico, Ogrika, and Opal, whose models became more popular day by day.

It’s in this era when paradise is meeting reality in the faction homeworlds that our players, captains, entrepreneurs, and explorers are called to fly into the void in the name of their factions and brave the unknown.

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