Planet - High Risk Zone Border

Evisco would be your average planet in the frontier of the High-Risk Zone if not for a very curious phenomenon that happens there called the Light of Evisco.

Discovered by the famous MUD archeologist Nanteg Nanvek, civilization started pretty early on Evisco. In his previous expeditions, he discovered that the first civilization on the planet, whose name and records are now lost to the sands of time, was able to reach space even before the first Sogmian was born. This theory is based on scraps of engines and machines found scattered across the landscape.

Curiously enough, the only remaining piece of structure that still stands is a giant ancient city ruin, which the current Evisco population, formed by semi-sentient quadruped beings, never dares to venture to.

This ghost metropolis, built with minerals only found in deep space, is a sad testament to what might have been one of the most advanced worlds of its time, and no obvious answer has been found regarding what happened to its populace or triggered its downfall.

Yet, according to the professor's research, one thing still seems to be working in the city's temple. If one can survive the creatures that took hold of the ancient city and the drifting paths, which seem to be moving inside the city from time to time, they will find the famous light of Evisco, a stream of pure liquid light. As one can imagine, the perspective of finding liquid light baffled many explorers, driving them to try and find their way to planet Evisco.

Nevertheless, few ever reach the planet, and from those who manage, most never get to see the curious light, much less retrieve a vial for themselves.

Indeed, scientists have yet to understand how light could be condensed and made into liquid form, yet, against all logic, you can bottle up light in the spring of Evisco Temple if the information relayed by explorers and hunters across the galaxy are to be believed.

However, working with this liquid light appears to be difficult at best. If not properly managed, it’s said to go back into a ray of light, dispersing itself before the wielder's eye. This is a property that only adds to its rarity and value as a resource, according to those specialized in the hunting of rare materials.

Rumors in the underworld of Galia have it that Photolis are paying good ATLAS for even a small bottle of the light of Evisco. Should that be true, one may wonder why and how they would use such a thing.

Besides academics, different groups and manufacturers often try to set up quests to raid the old city in search of the light, as it has been impossible to retake the ruined city from the monsters without risking damaging the source of this invaluable resource.

It's unknown what other secrets Evisco holds, but it seems to be only a matter of time before they are revealed.

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