The Day After Tomorrow

Although a small part of the galaxy is able to live a very comfortable and fulfilling life, this is not the reality for most of the citizens outside the low-risk zone. The populations of the worlds left to their own fates have faced many challenges in the last decades after being cut off from the intergalactic economy and law systems.

Most of the planets and colonies in the inner reaches have been controlled by regional warlords or rogue factions such as the Jorvik and ECOS and submitted to their harsh rules. Nevertheless, some would argue that was indeed a lucky fate for the citizens outside the faction order, as some worlds were simply plundered, enslaved, or outright destroyed by the galactic conflicts that erupted after the factions had withdrawn.

This vacuum of power has yet to settle properly. Still, members of the newer generations of Ustur, MUD and ONI have started, once again, to desire the legendary Iris and the worlds full of riches in their old colonies.

The pressure inside the factions’ leadership and the Council of Peace are almost tangible, as leaders of different DACs and organizations, who hadn’t lived through the Convergence War, desire their share of the galaxy's prosperity in terms of resources and territories.

No one can say for sure what’s going to happen next in the galaxy, and the current status quo is starting to give signs of fatigue. Nevertheless, the stories of the Ustur, MUD, ONI, and the rest of the galaxy are open to being written by explorers ready to risk their fate for their convictions.

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