Faction Alignments

Each of the 3 Council factions has a mix of different corporate alignments:

There are three primary Council of Peace (COP) Factions, which dominate the Safe Zone of our galaxy: The MUD, ONI, and USTUR Council factions.

Each one of them has a proprietary ship manufacturer:

  • The Pearce Council - Belonging to the MUD Faction.

  • The Busan House - Belonging to the ONI Faction.

  • The Vzus Enterprise - Belonging to the Ustur Faction.

The main ship manufacturers, having set up commerce in these zones, have established corporate alignments across the COP. This originated multifaction partnerships, which created new manufacturers with unique styles and products.

  • Ogrika Harbors - A joint enterprise between ONI and Ustur, led by the ONI Consortium Punaabs.

  • Opal - A joint enterprise between Ustur and MUD, led by the Ustur.

  • Calico - A joint enterprise between MUD and ONI, led by the MUD.

Aside from the COP industries, other groups have risen and created their own manufacturers, some of them sponsored by factions outside the COP Jurisdiction.

Faction Agnostic

  • Fimbul - a low-cost manufacturer, predominant in the medium zone.

  • Armstrong - An infrastructure-focused manufacturer specialized in mining gear, has the monopoly in all of the official COP operations.

Other Faction-Aligned Companies

  • Fimbul BYOS - A manufacturer that works for the Jorvik Pirates. Focused on contraband military tech, it will only support those initiated in the Jorviks. Native to the Medium and High-Risk Zones.

  • Fimbul ECOS - A manufacturer that works for the Earth Conscious Ontological Society. They only engage with ECOS-friendly personnel and focus on creating sustainable vessels. Native to the Medium and High-Risk Zones.

  • TUFA - Legendary manufacturer, often perceived as a myth, produces unique tech based on the legendary TUFA biology. Requires initiation into the TUFA society. Native to the deeps of the High-Risk Zone.

  • Rainbow - A experiment of the Photoli species, willing to share a fraction of their technology for those who prove useful for their agenda. Requires Photoli's reputation. Native to the deeps of the High-Risk Zone.

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